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Thread: Geo-Tagged photos --> Google Earth file options?

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    Default Geo-Tagged photos --> Google Earth file options?

    Hi, I'm very new to this site (and to photography in general) so i'm sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum. Anyway, I'm just curious how people are handling the creation of google earth KMZ files from batches of geo-tagged photos? Basically, I'm looking for feedback on:

    A) Whether this is something commonly done in the pro-photo community

    B) If so, what programs are people using to do it

    C) What are the pros and cons of the different programs that people use.

    I'm specifically looking for programs that can take a folder full of geo-tagged JPEG images and batch convert them into a Google Earth KMZ file as placemark icons that when clicked pop-up windows with location metadata and a reduced size version of my original image. I know Picasa does it, but it seemed incredibly slow and would lock up after about 4 or 5 photos.

    In full interest of disclosure, I've put together a very targeted program for myself that does something like this and am thinking about expanding and offering it to the community. So, any feedback about what would make a program like this useful, or blatantly obvious (to photographers) facts that should be taken into account (e.g. "geo-tagged photos becoming obsolete due to miraculous new format...", etc) would be super appreciated.


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    Hi and welcome to the Zo. Can't help with this. Don't trust Google and am not really interested in geo tags.................Only use Picasa when needed which is not often.

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    I use Jobo's PhotoGPS, which comes with a dedicated application to match photos with GPS information. The GPS unit itself attaches to the camera hot-shoe and captures GPS information when the shutter is operated. I found it very reliable, although it is not always evident when shooting, that GPS information is recorded.

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    First, I assume that you have a dedicated GPS unit. A GPS unit that attaches with the camera through the USB port does the job for you itself. You should only click the snaps and the unit does the rest for you.

    Secondly, a GPS unit that comes in your phone, i.e. an android phone or an iphone etc. Here, you need to track your route using Mytracks Software from your phone. This software records your position ( latitude, longitude and altitude) w.r.t. time. This recorded route from Mytracks should now be downloaded to your computer as a special file format .gpx. This gpx format have the information of latitude, longitude, altitude and time. By now, I hope you have also downloaded the pictures to your computer. These photos also have one common information 'time' which is also available in the gpx file. Now you need to use the second softwware GPicSync. This software will put the latitude, longitude and altitude values to your photos. Suppose you have snapped a photo at 10:22:32 am and another one at 11:15:43 am. Now GPicSync will search your position from the gpx file where you were at 10:22:32 am and 11:15:43 am and put the corresponding latitude, longitude and altitude data to your photos. In this fashion all your photos will be positioned according to the corresponding time value. The software mytracks is available free in android market that should be installed in the phone or tab. The other software GPicSync is to be installed in the PC. Both softwares are available free.
    The only thing you need to confirm that the time of your camera is properly synced with your mobile phone or tab. If the phone or the tab remains with you, all your photos will be geotagged perfectly.

    Lastly, you can do the job manually using picasa.
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    There's also units and complimentary software for them that are designed specifically to marry GPS data with images.

    I'm currently trying to sell a Gisteq unit as I no longer use it.

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